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    Coming up with just the right parade float for your business or organization can be confusing and troublesome. CRS Enterprises can help with your current parade float ideas, or work with you on some new parade float designs.

Parade Float Trailer Decorating Options.
How to Decorate Low Boy Directions Hayrack Directions
Click on any of the trailers listed above for available PDF files you can print to assist you with your trailer decorating needs.



 First and foremost you need a trailer...


   Find a trailer platform that is sturdy, safe and legal to tow. Hay-rack trailers at least 12' - 16' long are recommended with their level & sturdy trailer deck but may be difficult to find in your area, low-boy trailers are available at most local rental outfits and work just as well... ATV or snowmobile trailers can be used but are not recommended because of the limited size and the single axle has stability issues which reduces overall safety for the participants to ride on the trailer during a parade.




How do I decorate my parade float?


   Decorations for a parade float can be done in many different ways, float beds can be covered with indoor/outdoor carpet or with glitter and paint, both will take a lot of time, patience, and  money. Floral sheeting, festooning and fringe for your parade float is the most consumer friendly approach when it comes to the amount of time spent decorating and the overall professional appearance of the finished parade float. The only tools you really need are some staplers, scissors and a few decorating volunteers. Click on the "how to decorate" trailer in the box listed above for further directions. Looking for parade float materials click here!


Safety First in a Parade...


   Keep your riders and parade float driver safe... Build stanchions for your riders to hold onto, many parades require seatbelts for children who ride in the parade. Make sure your driver can see all the riders and have clear visibility of the parade route. If you are running a generator for lights or sound make sure it is properly ventilated and always have a fire extinguisher nearby, and always make sure your decorating materials are fire retardant.


*Note:  Never enclose the generator with riders inside the same space, generators produce carbon monoxide in an enclosed space.


*NOTE: All CRS Enterprises parade float material is fire retardant!

  How can I power lights or music on my parade float?

1). Generator

   A generator is a great way to produce a lot of power on a parade float, however... even today's generators create noise when running and are unsightly. Hiding the generator at the rear of the float with trees or props reduces the sound level . A small well ventilated box can also be built around the generator.

*Note:  Never enclose the generator with riders inside the same space, generators produce carbon monoxide in an enclosed space. Make sure the generator is properly ventilated and away from any flammable materials, always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Available for rent at most local rental outfits or your local hardware stores.


2). 12 Volt Batteries

   Any auto or marine battery can be used as a power source for lights and/or a sound system.  *Note you need to use DC (12volt) lights or a car stereo when just using a battery as a power source. The number of batteries you will need is dependant on the power needed.

*Note: Power converter listed below will work with batteries allowing for direct AC hook ups.

Batteries are available at any auto store, Battery's Plus, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc.


3). Power Converters

   12 volt converters are used with any auto/marine battery to convert DC to AC power upon which you can plug your lights directly into the converter box.

Converters are available at any auto store, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Kmart etc.

  How much float material will I need?

Use the sketch below as a reference to help determine an estimate of the material you will need to decorate your trailer and your approximate cost. The reference float is 8' wide x 16' long with 2' high sidewalls.


The above trailer measurements would require the following:

3- 10 yd rolls of floral sheeting ~This would cover the deck & sides of float. (30 total yds)

5- 10' rolls of vinyl fringe ~ (48 ft. total) This is enough to go around the bottom perimeter of the float. NOTE: Fringe should hang 1/4" from the ground giving the unit it's floating appearance.

2- 25' bags of vinyl twist festooning ~ This is enough to go around the perimeter of the float and is used to hide the seam between the sheeting & the fringe on the bottom edge of the float.

*Approximate price for materials listed: $ 267.60 S/H not included. If you have any unused materials be sure to store them safely for repairs or future events.

Still Need Help?  We understand, E-mail us at: info@crs-enterprises.com with your parade floats dimensions and we will figure it out for you, or you can call us direct at: 218-724-2635 and we will help with the total amount needed.

When purchasing any metallic materials be aware of the suns affect on the product. Prolonged periods of exposure to direct sunlight will result in fading of the metallic materials and the loss of the metallic finish. To ensure your floats original appearance, cover your parade float or store indoors when not in use. DO NOT store your parade float outside exposed to the elements.
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